3 Most Common Reasons behind Blocked Drains

Blocked Drain West Sussex

Clogged drains are not only inconvenient but are an unpleasant thing to deal with. A blocked drain can spread various diseases, they are not only serving as a breeding ground for bacteria but also create a terrible odour, all of can these lead to severe problems.

Every homeowner tends to face some drainage related issues at least once in their lifetime. Hence, if you are facing any drainage related issues, then you must clear it as soon as possible. Also, when a drain gets clogged it takes quite some time to get rid of the excess water hence, it will help if you repair the drain before increasing the problems you are facing.

Below are some common reasons for blocked drains.

Hair and Toiletries

Hair and hair products are one of the primary reasons behind clogged drains, also, soap and other toiletries can be a reason. if you are facing any drainage related difficulties, then you must call a professional plumber or drainage expert.

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Blockage Due to Dirt

Sometimes, trees, shrubs, dirt, and leaves can be causes of clogged drains. You can face these problems, especially after spring and autumn. You should clean your garden regularly and this will not only give you an immaculate garden but will also save you from any drainage troubles. Please do not leave the dirt for a long time; otherwise, it can lead to a severe blockage.

However, if you are living near West Sussex, then you must consult with the professional drainage service provider about a concrete solution to get rid of any blockage related issues. Sometimes the tree roots can crack your drains or pipes, hence taking the help of a professional would be the best idea.


Just like the hair from the bathroom, grease from the kitchen can block your drains and sinks. Oil, cooked bits of food, vegetable pieces, and some other food particles dropping into your drains or sinks can block the flow of the water.

If you are facing any fatty substances sticking to the pipes or drains and not moving for a long time, then without wasting any time you should call the drain repair service providers to fix it.