4 Common Drain Cleaning Mistakes You Should Know and Avoid

Drain Cleaning Mistakes

Blocked drains can cause multiple issues for your home. They can be the reason for cracking in plumbing lines, flooded bathrooms or basement of your home. This is why you should always pay much attention to repairing blocked drains.

Though some homeowners prefer to clean the drainage system of their houses on their own, it is the job of a professional drain cleaning team. You should consider hiring experts for a blocked drain in Bognor Regis and wait for the best result.

Often people make simple mistakes while cleaning their drains which lead them to face severe issues. Let’s check those mistakes and know how to avoid them in future.

Use of Harsh Chemicals

Pouring harmful chemicals into the sink or inside the pipe to “wash off” all the build-ups inside the drain is a big mistake. Using chemicals to clean a blocked drain can provide you with a temporary solution but create permanent damage to the system. Drain cleaning solutions are toxic, and you should not use them without expert advice.

Improper Plunging

You may think that plunging is easy, and you do not need to have any certain training or skill to use it. Plungers are widely used household drain cleaning tools. This is an effective and reliable one too. However, there has to be a certain technique of using this tool to obtain the desired result. You need to distinguish a sink plunger from a toilet plunger and know how to use them with different techniques.

Poking into the Drain with DIY Tools

It might seem tempting to poke the drain with a hanger or stick, as you have seen it in online DIY videos. But, the fact is these techniques and tools can make the situation even worse for your drain. Do not use something you are not sure about. Stick or other materials may break and remain inside the drain. Your blocked drain will get another thing to feel more clogged.

Use of Hose

It is also common to think that using a hose can wash out the build-ups and remove them from the drain. But, this can go terribly wrong. A blocked drain does not have enough passage to pass the water because of the clogging. It cannot withstand the pressure of water. Hence, it can be severely damaged with the use of a hose.

Drain Blockage Repairs

Drainage Plus is a reputable company that provides complete drain cleaning, repairs and replacement services. We can solve the problem of blocked drain in your house at Bognor Regis. Please get in touch with us for more information.