5 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drain

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A lot of homeowners have a habit of throwing anything and everything down the sink in their kitchen. They often forget that it is a sink and not a dustbin. The result of this practice can be devastating. You will eventually have clogged drains, broken drain pipes, and overflowing kitchen or bathroom floors.

This is why you should know what exactly you can put down your drain and the things you should never wash away. Instead of calling experts for drain repair in Bognor Regis, you should know how to avoid such situations.

Keep These Things Away from Your Drains

Price Tags and Stickers

They may look tiny, but they play a vital role in blocking up your drains. So, do not throw them inside the sink when you are opening a food packet or a beverage can.

Oil and Grease

Do not pour the used oil or grease down the sink of your kitchen after frying food items. These elements can be dangerous for the sink pipe and the drains as well. They will be one of the prime reasons for blocking the drainage system of your home.

Rice, Pasta and Vegetable Peels

Peels of vegetables; especially potato, is another risky element to throw in the sink. You should also avoid putting down starchy foods like pasta or rice inside the sink because they can create starchy substances inside the sink, which will create clogging after a while.

Paper Towels

They may look soft and innocent, but they can create big hassles for the drainage system of your home. They are super absorbent. This makes them a great substance to clean various surfaces. But that same feature gives them the ability to expand inside your drain and become the reason for clogging.

Tea Leaves and Coffee Grains

These two substances are highly dangerous for the drainage system. Most of the time, they are the important reason for drain clogging in every household. Try not to pour tea leaves or coffee grains inside the sink. Keep them aside, and you can use tea leaves as a fertiliser in your garden.

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