Drainage Plus is a local family run company who specialise in Drain Unblocking and Drain Repair.
With 10+ years' experience, you can be sure you have chosen the right company.

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Thanks wincan! Cctv drain survey software…

Drain unlocking carried out in Chichester. We cleared the drain using high-pressure water jetting. Carried out a Cctv inspection…

Sectional repair carried out at a local Care Home. Previously called out for a full cctv drainage survey. Recommended a …

High-pressure water jetting carried out at a local caravan park in Bognor Regis. The blockage was due to the poor installation…

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Commercial Services

Commercial drains are susceptible to exactly the same problems as domestic drains, but their size often causes them to encounter the problems – and therefore damage – on a much larger scale. This means that maintenance, regular cleaning and routine testing are vital for keeping commercial drains running as they should. Our highly-trained staff are able to meet all of your commercial plumbing and draining needs.


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