CCTV Home Buyers Drainage Survey

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CCTV Home Buyers Drainage Survey

Drainage plus will explain why you need a CCTV home buyers drainage survey.

Imagine that you have bought a new house. This isn’t any house, it’s your dream property, the type of home that you always thought you would own one day. As soon as you found this house on the market, you knew you had to have it. You might have even decided to go ahead with the purchase without completing a home buyer survey, scared that someone else would steal your dream property. Perhaps another buyer, eager to gazump you.


It’s sad to say that in a situation like this a dream home can become a nightmare because you don’t know what you’ve bought. You’re paying a fortune for the property in the first place, and you don’t want to discover that, after signing on the dotted line, the home needs repairs that will cost you thousands.


Can I Keep Dreaming If I Complete A Home Survey?


This is a mistake that a lot of buyers make. They think that if they complete a home survey all the problems with the home are there for them to view. But, there are issues that won’t show up on a home survey like drainage. Home surveys often don’t include a drainage inspection so there could still be a hidden problem underneath your new home, ready to turn your dream purchase into a costly nightmare. 

CCTV home buyers drainage survey


What Problems Could Be Lurking In The Drainage Of The Home


Unfortunately, there are a variety of problems that can hide in the drainage of the home. If you buy a property in Suffolk, there’s a good chance that it has pitch fibre pipes. Installed over forty years ago, these pipes warp overtime and repairing the problem will cost thousands. Other issues could include broken pipes, blocked drains and even roots growing through the drains, damaging the structure or even the foundations of the home.

Blocked drain at a property

Please Tell Me There’s A Solution?


With CCTV drain surveys you can make sure that you are getting the full picture when you buy a property. CCTV drain surveys use advanced technology to take a look inside your drains and ensure that there are no issues that could cause you expensive headaches further down the line. With a CCTV drain survey, you will have all the information you need when proceeding with a home purchase.


Get The Leverage You Need Negotiating A Sale


When you buy a home, it often feels like the seller has the upper hand. After all, they often have expert representation in their corner in the form of an estate agent. Get a pre-purchase drain survey and you can gain some leverage. You will guarantee that you do not overpay for your new home.  You could either demand the owner fixes the issues before the sale proceeds or you could push them to knock a few thousand off the asking price. With the evidence from a pre-purchase drainage survey, this power will be in your hands!


No Pain, No Stain


You might think that repairing the drainage in your home means digging up the driveway, destroying the flower beds and generally causing havoc around your property. Are you worried about annoying the neighbours as soon as you move in? There’s good news on that front. You can complete these repairs without digging. This means that your driveway, your beautiful new garden and your dream home can stay intact. Advanced no dig technology means that you no longer need to leave a mark on your property when completing what could be an essential repair on your home.


cctv home buyers survey carried out in West Sussex

Any home buyer should get a CCTV drain survey. It is the only way to make sure that you aren’t hit with a massive bill later down the line. Remember, if you find a problem after you buy, you can’t seek out the previous owner and demand they pay the price for the repair. You need to know whether there is an issue before you sign on the dotted line. As well as disrupting your home life and hitting your finances an issue in the drains underneath the home could even be a health hazard. Get a pre-purchase homebuyers CCTV drain survey, and you will gain the peace of mind that you deserve purchasing your new home.


With a CCTV drainage survey, you can avoid the nightmare and keep the new home dream alive years after you complete the purchase. Make the wrong decision here and the cost of purchasing the home will just be the beginning of a long list of expenses.

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