Common Signs And Causes Of Blocked Drains In Crawley

Blocked Drains Crawley

If you plan to build a new home and don’t want to make any structural changes within the next few years, pay importance to the drainage system. Most builders overlook it, which causes great damage to the residential property after a few years. One of the most common problems you have to deal with an unplanned plumbing system is blocked drains.

Clogged or broken drains can be more damaging to your property than you think. It can lead to various health risks and ruin your daily life routine. If you want to avoid severe drainage issues, know the common signs and causes of blocked drains. You can also get in touch with experienced plumbers for drain unblocking in Crawley.

3 Common Signs Of Blocked Drains

  • The basement area might start emitting a foul smell if the sewage waste from your home fails to reach the main sewer line in your town. A clogged sewer drain system can cause structural damages to your home.
  • The toilet, kitchen sink or other drains in your home might make a gurgling noise if the blockage inside the pipe is preventing the trapped air from escaping the pipe.
  • Water might clog the area surrounding the drains if the toilet is not functioning properly. A clog might even prevent smooth sewage flow from the main sewer line to the residential drainage.

3 Common Causes Of Blocked Drains

  • Tree roots intrusion can damage your sewer line. Roots can enter the drainage pipe through the tiniest cracks. If you fail to hire plumbers for drain unblocking in Crawley at the right time, the presence of water will make the roots grow inside the pipe and clog it. The drainage pipe will suffer more damage if the roots are thick.
  • Drain blockages can also occur due to a broken drainage pipe. Rainwater can enter the pipe through the cracks. Sewage can also enter the soil through the damaged pipe and lead to health threats. You can prevent the issue by repairing it at the earliest.
  • Most of the drain blockages in residential plumbing systems occur due to people dumping cooking oil, grease or food waste in the drain. Grease and fat firmly stick with the pipes’ inner walls when they cool down and obstruct water flow.

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Since you are now aware of the common signs and causes of blocked drains, it’s time you get in touch with the experienced plumbers at Drainage Plus.