How to Keep Your Drains and Pipes Clean and Healthy?

Blocked Drain

Within everyday life, you might tend to forget about the drains and pipes and their maintenance. Drains are the outlets through which all the messed and dirty water flows out of your house. However, it is indeed the most neglected part of a house. Hence, complaints of blocked drains in Surrey are quite high. Keeping the drains unclogged and clean is a basic necessity. Blocked drains can result in the backflow of dirty water.

If you’re unable to take care of the drains, then sort them out for professional help. Keep in mind that professionals should check drains and pipes now and then so that it doesn’t get clogged. The professional drain cleaning companies always provide these few tips to the homeowners and ask them to maintain the same so that healthy drainage conditions can be maintained.

Tips for keeping your drain healthy

Clean every month

Continuous passing of the dirt, hair and other particles makes the drain walls thick, and it gets clogged in the long run. Hence, it is better to get the same cleaned every month. You can either use an enzyme-based cleaner or a chemical-based cleaner. You can also use homemade chemicals like baking soda or vinegar to clean the walls of the drain. Pour some boiled water after the same through the pipe, and your drain pipes will get cleaned as soon as possible.

Don’t pour grease-based chemicals

Always remember that grease is highly harmful to your drain pipes. Grease-based chemicals are generally passed down through the kitchen pipes. However, all the pipes are combined into one big drain passage. Hence if you’re passing the grease chemicals through the kitchen pipes, the same goes down through the pipe to the main drain and ends up clogging the same.

Flush every time you use the toilet

You must also know the rules of lushing a toilet correctly. Don’t flush items that will not go down through the drain pipes. Rather it would be best if you flushed only the things that will go down the drains smoothly. Non-flushable materials will block the drain pipes and result in causing damage to the drain. Also, keep a note of the water pressure while you pull the flush. If the pressure is low, then the debris might get stuck in the mouth of the pipe.

Use a drain guard

Use a drain guard, especially for the kitchen sinks. A drain guard will restrict the number of materials allowed to pass on through the drain pipes. Hence, when you see the parts getting attached to the drain guards, you’ll be able to get them out and throw them into the bin. This is a proven way to prevent the drain pipes from getting blocked. The drain guards effectively collect all the debris and help in keeping the pipes free from dirt.

Drain Repair West Sussex

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