Keep Your Drain Pipes Clean With 3 Expert Tips

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Cleaning your drain pipes are more complicated than you think. If you are one of those homeowners who consider it to be one of the frustrating tasks, get in touch with professionals offering drain clearance services. The easiest way you can prevent a clogged drain is by keeping a check on all the items you are putting down the drain. Dealing with a clogged drain is not only time-consuming but also challenging. Hire experienced drain cleaning experts in Crawley and they will share a few tips to keep your drains clean and prevent them from getting clogged.

Few Tips To Keep Your Drains Clean

  • Know The Cause

Once you know what causes a clogged drain, preventing it will become easier. Coffee grounds, soap scum, hair and kitchen grease are considered to be the worst aggressors for the drains. There are even a few food items like potato peels, banana peels and other fruit peels which can clog the drain pipes. Few other items which can build up in your kitchen drain are cereals, grains and pieces of bread. Even soft and sticky items can harden inside the pipes.

  • Put A Drain Screen

The primary objective of the drain screen is to prevent scraps from entering the drain pipes and clogging. It traps food particles so that they don’t stick in the drain and cause issues later. Even if you are using a drain screen, make sure you throw the coffee grinds in the garbage instead of the sink. Use a plunger to clean drains clogged due to coffee grounds. If the plunger doesn’t work, get in touch with a company offering drain clearance services. You might have to repair the drain if it is a severe clog.

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  • Remove Hair From Drains Frequently

Loose hair is considered to be one of the biggest enemies of drains. They often combine with soap scum and becomes a nasty hairball which blocks the drain. Don’t use the commercial drain cleaners available in the market if you don’t want to damage the pipe. A better alternative is to use a plunger. Buy a plunger whose suction cup will cover the drain hole instead of the one you have used to get rid of the blocked toilet.

These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and hire drain cleaning experts to keep your drains clean.