Most Common Drainage Issues You Have Probably Already Encountered at Your Home

Drainage Issues

Drains are one of the most vital parts of a building. The stability, integrity and safety of the structure depend on the efficiency and strength of its drainage system to a great extent. The biggest problem with drains is you cannot see them clearly, which makes them tough-to-maintain. But, drains need regular maintenance to stay functional and sturdy.

Every household has seen drainage issues in one way or the other. Sometimes, it is the blocked drain, and sometimes it is a leakage which makes your life miserable. As a homeowner in West Sussex, you have probably gone through any or all of these drainage issues in your property.

Let’s discuss some of the most common drain issues that every household have experienced.

  • Drain Blockages

A blocked drain is probably one of the most common issues that every household faces at least once in a year. This is common, but not simple. You need to understand the basic reasons for drain blockage before you find out the remedies. Throwing solid and semi-solid items inside the sink causes drain blockage. Besides, irregular maintenance and cleaning routine can also lead your drains to be clogged.

  • Open or Displaced Joints

Drain pipes often get displaced or open joints. Increasing traffic, ground movement or other issues can cause this. Once the joint got displaced or open, the pipe will have gaps which will lead to leakage in the drainage system. You will see wastewater everywhere because of that leakage. The entire structure can get be damaged due to this leak depending upon its severity and size.

  • Cracks and Fractures

When your drain pipes go through extreme wear and tear, fracture or cracks will happen. You can notice these cracks near the joints or anywhere deep down the pipeline. These fractures are also responsible for leakages in your pipeline, which will reduce the efficiency of the entire drainage system of your house.

  • Root Intrusions

If you have a lot of large trees or plants in your backyard, chances are they cause intrusions in the drainage system of your home. The roots of these plants may encounter underground pipelines and cause damages. Roots are often found penetrating pipelines that can be a great source of water for them.

These are some of the most common drainage problems you have probably faced at your home. However, there are easy ways of avoiding them.

How to Avoid These Issues

  • Inspect your drains and pipelines regularly.
  • Keep them clean and well-maintained.
  • Stop throwing anything and everything inside the sink.
  • Call out for experts for drain servicing.
  • Ask them for yearly drainage maintenance.
  • Give them calls in case of an emergency.
  • Never neglect leaks and cracks; no matter how tiny they seem.


blocked drain drainageplus

If you follow all these small but significant tips, you can easily enhance the efficiency and lifespan of your drainage system. Know the flaws well so that you can avoid them.

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