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Drain Clearance – Why It Is So Important for Your Home

You do not have any idea what goes down the drains of your house daily. There are different types of objects that you throw inside the sink, and they end up going into the drains. The drain withstands a lot of things daily. Thus, they deserve regular and correct maintenance to perform efficiently for a long time. You should take the matter of drain clearance in a serious way to avoid any  issues.

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Drain Repair In Surrey

Why Choose Someone Experienced For Drainage Repair In Surrey?

There are a few people in Surrey who think that hiring amateur plumbers for drain repair will help them save money. If you are one of them, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Repairing the clogged or leaking drain in your house by someone unprofessional will not only complicate the issue but you might also have to spend more money in the long run. Experienced plumbers know the various reasons behind clogged drains and can help you avoid those. They will assess the drainage system in your house and customise their services accordingly.

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High pressure water jetting

High Pressure Water Jetting!

High pressure water jetting to some people can seem daunting. But here at Drainage Plus its something we carry out every single day.

So what is High-Pressure Water Jetting some people may ask?

Well, High-Pressure Water Jetting is where a large amount of water is pumped through a hose up to 3000psi. This high pressure when put through your drainage system can descale, clean and unblock your drainage.

Previously, no more than 10 years ago, drain rods were used to clear blockages. When using drain rods a number of problems can occur such as compacting the blockage, pushing the drainage blockage further down the pipe, and in some cases getting the drain rods stuck which can result in having to excavate to get the drain rods back.

With High Pressure Water Jetting it is a fast & effective way to clean and unblock drainage systems. Should your drain have fat buildup then the 3000psi high pressure water jetting system can clear through, break up and wash away the years of buildup within minutes.

High pressure water jetting restores your dirty drainage system back to its original condition and can have it looking brand new.

We recommend high pressure water jetting to descale pipework, unblock blocked drains & fat removal.

With our unique system, we can even cut out tree roots!

Very often tree roots gain access into the drainage system from nearby trees & bushes. These roots can cause issues because they slow down any waste resulting in blockages. In some cases, the roots can be so severe that they block the system up completely.

We can use High Pressure Water Jetting to remove tree roots and open up your drainage system to ensure full flow is achieved.

Should you ever have any drainage issues then contact one of our experts and we can recommend the correct method to get your drainage system back up and running!


Drainage Plus

Drainage Plus Drain Care & Repair

The professionals for your Drainage needs

Drainage problems can strike at the most inappropriate time. A blockage in the drain will mean that you have a flooded wash basin, sink or bathroom.

Water easily flows through drainage system where there is no resistance, but the moment there are blockages in the drainage system, water will not flow. A blocked drain is also extremely unhygienic and can pose a threat to the health.

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