Blocked Showers

Showers become blocked for many reasons — just think about all the waste we wash down them. Some of the everyday causes of blocked showers are:

  • Hair Hair is probably the most common cause of a blocked shower. When you shower, you shed lots of hair. This gets washed straight down into the plughole, where it catches on the pipe walls, and on the soap residue that inevitably coats the pipes over time. Once there, it creates a tangled clog that becomes a trap for other hair and debris being washed down, and quickly leads to a fully blocked shower drain. This build up can often be prevented or solved at home, simply by removing the hair build up by hand. However, if left untreated for too long, the clog can be pushed further into the system where it is too difficult to reach and requires professional assistance. Once it gets to this point, the blockage can potentially cause more severe damage to the whole plumbing system, and needs prompt attention.
  • Shaving The impact shaving has on blocked showers is two-fold. The soap run off from the shaving gel coats the pipe walls and causes build up, constricting water flow and leading to blockages. And of course, all that hair getting washed down the drain gets caught in the soap build up, increasing the blockage still further.

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Blocked Showers
  • Foreign objects With all that water flowing down the drain, it is easy for foreign objects to get caught, particularly smaller ones like toothpaste caps, shampoo and shower gel tops, and razor guards. Obviously these do not break down, so once they become lodged they cause a blockage that requires careful attention to resolve.
  • Soaps with plastic beads in Not only does the soap residue coat the water pipes as they pass through the drain, causing build up etc., but the plastic beads do not dissolve, and can get caught by the soap build up already in the pipes, or clog the drain themselves because of their solid mass. When we use an electro mechanical machine, it removes all debris and restores the pipe to its original condition to ensure full flow. If the blockage is further down the system, then we have other equipment such as high pressure water jetting to break it up and completely flush out the waste. This is an extremely effective technique because it is so powerful, and the use of water means it is possible to reach deeper blockages round bends in the pipes and make sure the whole system is clear.