Drain Testing

Sometimes it is very clear when there’s a problem with your drains. You can locate it easily, and have it sorted right away. Other times, there may be signs that you have a drainage issue, but you can’t work out where or what it is. Or it might just be that you would like to check your drains for any leaks or potential problems, so you can sort them out quickly and avoid huge costs and stress further down the line.

We carry out drain testing to help you with any and all of these concerns. Whether you want to identify a leak in the drainage system and make sure all the necessary repairs are completed, or you just want to check all your drains for any damage or wear and tear, we can test all your pipes, determine any problems, and hopefully offer you a guarantee that everything is in good condition and you won’t be encountering any plumbing issues in the near future.

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Drain testing

Drain testing is also a great, quick way to test a pipe for leaks in order to ensure it isn’t leaking into the ground. If a leak like this is left unchecked, it is one of the most serious problems a property can face, because sodden ground can upset the foundations and potentially cause subsidence.

There are many ways we can test your drains, and these can also be used with a CCTV drain survey to deliver an exhaustive report on any issues we find.

We use a few methods for testing your drains, and each has its own advantages depending on the kind of drain we’re looking at, or the problem we’re testing for.

Drainage Air Test

The air test is a quick, convenient method we can use to test single pipes and drain runs. The way we do it is by isolating the section of pipe that needs to be tested using plugs, and setting two different pressures for five minutes each. Any change in pressure over those five-minute time periods is measured and recorded. In this way, air testing is a really simple, effective method for many drain problems, although it can only be used on a drain that can be capped at both ends.

Water Drop Test Drainage 

A water drop test is not quite as precise as an air test, and it does have the drawback of taking 2 hours to set up, but it is also more comprehensive, and rather than being limited to just one single pipe or drain, it can be used to test an entire drainage system.

In very unusual circumstances, where it is simply not possible to locate or detect the source of an issue using the two methods above, we can also take pipelines apart and use the air test to assess them one at a time, until the cause of all the problems is located.

Once we have identified the problem, we can then get to work repairing the drain or pipe quickly, and with minimal mess and fuss, in order to bring water flow back up to its optimal level, where it should be.

Drainage Test Certificates

If you require a drainage test certificate, Drainage Plus can help you secure one. We will attend your site alongside building control, who issue the certificate.

We will then administer the air or water drop test to prove to building control that your drainage system has no leaks so that they can issue you with a drainage test certificate.

Drain test